Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Scrapbooking, cupcakes, and the beach...

First of all, a message to my sweeties!!

And then, a beach favorite photo...
The beach on my birthday! What more could an Iowa girl ask for!!

Then, cupcakes... Red Velvet DOES rock!! $3.50 worth-well, I'm not too sure, but yummy and worth it for my birthday none-the-less!
Here I am, on the phone, listening to my kids sing "Happy Birthday"! Thanks Jerry!
It was the sweetest thing! A birthday moment to remember!!
A fun picture Candi took of me being "crazy beach photo lady". Thanks you!!

Since I was asked (like you could stop me otherwisew!! :) ),
here are my last minute layouts for the booth!
Not bad for last minute?????
Let me tell you, having Kelli Crowe come to your booth and take a picture of one of your layouts... THAT was cool!
And it wasn't even my favorite! Go figure! :)

A sneak peek of one of my suprises for Megan!!
Whatcha think Megan??
WhatEVER will you put inside???? :)
Heidi is too fun! I had to get in out the "Heidi photo a day" kick!
Jeanette From Scrap in Style (founder and Big Sis!)
We met at Round Table Pizza (Really?? We are in CA and we get PIZZA! LOL!) but it was a fun time!!
Donna Downey...
Glitz girl Laura!! Could she BE any sweeter! THESE are great ladies at Glitz Designs!!
Look for their roller stamps, and HUGE rub-ons !! YUM!!!!
Allison from Hambly Screen Prints!!
Scrap in Style Fashionista's Sarah Bowen and Gigi Kennedy
Teresa Collins...
And lastely... one of my favorite layouts at the show! (From the Tim Holtz Ideology booth)

I will try to post more "favorites" later. I also will have to have a "Canon update"
once I can get all the wonderful shots on my Canon (I forgot my USB cord!)
Good night!!!
Keep Scrappin'!!!!


Kim said...

Penny - first off I love your shirt...and your beach picture and your layouts...ok...I love it all!

Tina said...

the layouts turned out great, and even under pressure!! Looks like u guys are livin it up there..(I want a hug from Ali Edwards)Happy Birthday! what a great way to spend your day :)

Marion said...

Love the beach pics! We always wrote "merry christmas"on the beach every year. glad you got there on your BD of all days! $3.50 for a cup cake? I'll make you some any time... it looks like you guys are having SO much fun. love the product that you designed! see you soon.

Mr Loud said...

Such a smoozer! LOL! Glad you're having fun. Everyone is anxious for your return. Much love!

Drama Mama said...

Glad we were able to meet up with each other! Hope your birthday was great even if it did involve pizza LOL! Keep in Touch!