Thursday, February 7, 2008

OFF to CHA-Winter!

Wish me luck! I am excited, but I always miss my kids when I go anywhere.
It is a nice break, but I usually don't need more than a couple hours break-that is usually enough.
But I know I will have fun!

Sue (my wonderful MIL!) got me a digital picture keychain for my birthday (and a new wardrobe practically too! :) ) so I can take some of my favorite pictures with me! WHAT a great idea!
So I will be carrying them with me!

I will try to post some of my favorite things and pictures while I am there!

Please pray for my safety and the safety of my children and husband while I am gone!
It would be very much appreciated!

I don't have the snow storm pictures downloaded yet-so I will post those later.

In the meantime, a layout I did and love! Simple, but sweet.
I love her little toes peeking out from this perspective! :)

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Kim said...

I don't get it....toes???? where are her toes???