Friday, September 2, 2011

Scrapbook Trends love!

I don't usually do this... I missed the FIRST time this happened in July-but darn it, it doesn't get old to me! I still love being published! I consider it an honor each time!

So thanks for lettin' me toot my own horn for a sec-I was in Scrapbook Trends twice again this month! THANK YOU Scrapbook Trends! You have been very good to me!

(Here's the cover. That's not me.)
In the "Home" section:

In the "School" section:Both are product from The Story Matters Kits... ahhhhh how I miss TSM! :)
Thanks for stoppin'!


Amy said...

Loved your layouts, Penny! Thanks so much for letting us show off your work!

Scrapbook Trends Mag

Linda Cain said...


Courtney Walsh said...

So cute, Penny! Love your layouts! I need to find this issue and buy it today!! :)

MandyKay said...

Congrats!!! i'm in that issue too! i have a teacher card in there somewhere. I love your layouts!!