Friday, August 12, 2011

Scrappinista Scrapbooking Club layouts...

I love our club! Gives us the chance to use some of the newest product, AND being as it is a class in the store, we get to share with people IRL! Layouts, technique, sketches... we aren't afraid new things in club!

And thank goodness for this deadline each month that forces me to create! I mean that! If I wasn't doing club, I wouldn't get a chance to STOP and create!

This month is a Melody Ross line from GCD. And BONUS, Megan Klauer GD this month!! We love Megan at Scrapaganza!!

Let me start with the not-so-easy-for-Penny 2 pager! I had some fun with this one.
I started with a basic sketch from an Allison Davis sketch book (Book 1)...
...and added mist and some actual sketching...

That first flower on the left, was from a seed packet I was given for Mother's Day from Gabriel as part of a basket he made at school for me! So glad I planted it!

For this layout, I thought this paper was the best to highlight myself and this wonderful women that I love SOOO much! I might be one of a few women that love their MIL this much, but I do! I have no idea what I would do without her!
I used packaging on this one! I punched 2 inch holes in the paper, then backed it with that yummy green pattern of the embellishment packaging! I also framed part of the picture with that same sheet of packaging!
Next... boys and flowers. I use flowers with my boys. Yes I do! :) Love the flocked flowers on the bottom of this sheet. I added punched and pop dotted centers-some with chipboard embellishment too!
Thanks so much for stopping! If you are local, you might just want to check out SCC! The Scrapbooking club where you will actually create something, not just buy a kit! :) Gotta love sitting down to create! We all need more time for that!!

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