Monday, August 22, 2011

I {heart} Faces Photo Challenge! (Pet Week)

Hey, why not, right?
Thought I would throw my hat in! Love this picture of our cat Ashton!
(Asherton Peabody. Ash-hole when he is in trouble. :) )
He wasn't the kitten we initially picked... but as the kittens got bigger, that adorable smudge face and AWESOME (though sometimes frustrating) personality came out! He is one of the most friendly cats I have ever had... and I have had a few cats in my day!

ANYWAY, there it my challenge photo for I {Heart} Faces!!
(click for larger)


Colleen said...

What a face. I am sure that if he were mine, I would quickly forgive any wrong doing with that face looking up at me.

Nela said...

Nice picture! :) You have a very cute-looking cat. ;)