Sunday, May 1, 2011

Imaginisce Challenge-May!

So it's time to get the guys involved, it seems...
(Layouts for men... or man boys...) AND you have to use a snag 'em stamp! Their cute stamps are only $1! Gotta love that!

So I did a layout with my husband and my son.
This was a day they were at Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party.
And he was ALL Dad! Playing this video game for SO long with the boys!
They were as if in the jungle, shooting giant spiders and dealing with other peril. :)
He is a good Daddy. This I know. He TOTALLY deserved the title!

Be sure to check the Imaginisce blog for inspiration and a chance to WIN!

Thanks for stoppin'!

I haven't been scrappin' as much lately, but I am WANTING too!
My room needs another overhaul! THAT'S not always fun!

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