Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to keep up!! GEEZ!

I noticed that not only am I not posting anything about my kids, but I am not really posting about anything!
I even had Mad Monday layouts to show you!

Better late than never!

I HAD to shout from the rooftops, that my friend Megan Klauer made the Sassafras design team!
Since I would have been mad if she HADN'T (she loves them so.. I just KNOW she is their biggest fan and SO deserves the spot) it's a good thing! LOL!
Congrats Megan!
I am also thrilled it was a The Story Matters LO that they posted in the announcement!
NEXT (not as exciting, but still) I am featured again in the monthly "maps" on Page Maps!!
Thanks Becky! It is always a pleasure!
I was thrilled to be asked again, after having just been present in January!
I don't usually use a sketch so literally, but I did this time. That in itself is a challenge for me.
THEN, go on over to The Story Matters and do a little survey to help us figure out how we can serve you better at The Story Matters!

And FINALLY, my "MAD" (make a dent) Monday layouts-on Tuesday!

I'll be honest, these were a product of Saturday's crop... (I love no rules! LOL!) But I "Made a Dent"! (At least I could have POSTED them on Monday, right?)

This one was just fun... and this poloroid I was afraid would get lost if I didn't put it somewhere better than the fridge! LOVE the cloud stamps from the Studio Calico kit!
I made rain with the rhinestones. :)
And yes... that is me. I miss the days of horses (before kids) and horse shows, and the small of a sweaty horse. I do. :)
I bought this paper JUST to scrap this exact picture I had in my stash!
Simple, I know.
Thanks for stopping by!! :)
I'll try not to be a stranger!

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meganklauer said...

Thanks Penny.
Congrats on the Pagemaps AGAIN! They love you!
And LOVE LOVE LOVE the horse page with the Cosmo. So cool!