Tuesday, March 1, 2011

8 is SO big!

8 years old today!7 seemed "little" still.
8 seems so BIG.
He's my baby though... always will be.
EIGHT whole years ago, I was in the birth center, in a tub, delivering joy!
Eight years ago I gave birth to baby boy number 2.
Eight years ago, I got to be a mother toTWO boys.
Eight years ago, I was proud of myself! (You WERE a 10#3oz. waterbirth after all!)
Eight years ago I gave birth to a brother, a friend, and the child that is most like me.
Eight years ago I was reminded of God's grace.... and every day since.

Gabriel Lee, I love you so much! I always will.
I marvel at the big boy you are becoming, and I get glimpses of the man you will be.

I thank God for you each day!

(AHHH, couldn't find the 1st year cake pictures!)

(Just didn't make it to cake this year! LOL! But HAD to get the cake picture!! Snort!)

Happy Birthday Buddy!

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meganklauer said...

Happy Birthday little cutie!
The pic of him sleeping yet you "posed" his cake next to him is so classic. Made me snort. :0)