Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gratitiude Day 2...

OK, so it is a bit predictible... but how can I not be grateful for my children-their health and happiness! Especially as we fight for the happiness of this little girl we flew to Ukraine 5 years ago to bring home to our crazy little family. Attachment disorder... it is a hard fight. But it isn't winning. It tried. We're winning. Thank God.

This picture brings me joy. So much joy.
Despite my self image, my insecurities about my parenting, and my perceived shortcomings...
For the joy I experience in spite of it all, I am VERY grateful.

Whether you join in one day, or 30 days-tell me/us what you are grateful for in November, and there is a prizes to be won @ The Story Matters!

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Shewins1 said...

Penny what camera did you use for this picture? Or what affect is it? I'm dying to get some of my photos like this. thanks for your help!