Friday, February 5, 2010

"T" minus 10 minutes.... THE STORY MATTERS!

The Story Matters FIRST kit goes on sale TODAY at 10am CST!!

If I could only explain the time and love that is going into this venture!
I dream about kits!

So go on over to The Story Matters Blog and SIGN UP!
The next months kits is JUST as fabulous-if not more so!!

Here are two of my layouts with the kit!
You have GOT to go check out what Megan Klauer did with her kit too!

SO GO!! 10 minutes left!!! :)


Colleen said...

Gotta say I am really loving the reds/blacks with this kit. Perfect for Clinton High School

Mindy said...

Love your los especially the butterflies and dots!

smahrty said...

I too love the butterflies and large dots! Great picture just seems to go with the simple yet interesting design.