Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Story Matters AWESOME Design Team!`

While I try to find the time to upload my Delta Phi Scrappa weekend, I have to update you about the announcement of the FABULOUS "The Story Matters" Design Team!

WOW! Are we fortunate!

I am thrilled to be creating with this team of talent!

As you know, we are already SO fortunate to have:
Megan Klauer
Angela Ploegman
Me (Penny Smith)
Candi Ladwig
Bree Tetz
And ANNOUNCING (in NO particular order):
Shelley Haganman {scrappergirl}
Tania Willis
Andrea Wiebe
Lain Ehmann
Michelle St. Clair
Amy Coose
Kim Garner

Yep-that's our team! FAB-U-LOUS! Watch out Kit Club world! Here we come!

GO say hi to everyone, comment on TSM and you could win a little Sweet Cheri by Imaginisce!
And be sure to stayed tuned for our FIRST kit kick-off!
Sales start at 10am CST on Friday!
Once they are sold out, you can still subscribe to the next month...
The coolest thing is that you subscribe, but you can cancel any month! No higher charge for one kits, etc etc... :)

AND starting next month (March) there is new product fresh from CHA in the kit, the next month even more, and by May-ALL new CHA product! Yeah baby!


Mindy said...

Well, I'm excited! I feel kit deprived lately and can't wait to get one!

debbieback said...

congrats on the kit club !~ was nice chatting at the store with ya today =)