Thursday, November 13, 2008


Never keeping up! LOL!

The house is plugging along. Not as exciting as the frame going up in days, but still, exciting!
We are SO anxious to move in! It feels SO good, just to see it. I visit twice a day, at drop off and at pick up. I have nothing to pick out but lights, and I have, just need to write it out.

It feels like the right thing.
We are not rich people. Barely comfortable, but grateful. :)

It's getting there! The sider is torturing me, leaving the bit in the front for last! It has been him and one or two people when the weather is nice enough... it has taken longer than I thought it would.Walls! (not mudded, yet, but walls!!) :) Down our street... we're on the end straight ahead. I might be hating the headlight at night, but only our office will really be affected. Thank you for all the emails, and comments, and inquiries at the store about our progress! Who knew scrapbooking could lead to so much wonderfulness! :)

Anyone else shocked by the snow last week? I don't think I am ready... but it was a bit exilerating too. :)Here are a few things I have been working on...
I REALLY want to post a layout I did featuring my DS, but since it is up for consideration as a submission to Memory Makers, I can't post it. MM is strict about their "never seen" rule. Bummer. It is up at the store, using the Sassafrass Lass Hedgehog paper. TOO cute-actually "Dang Cute" is the title! Come in to see it! :)
We have that line and "Fawnd of you" too... LOVE Sassafrass!! There a couple of lines that have some weird stuff in 'em-but I can do weird! :) I just LOVE their usable borders! GREAT idea!
And the quirky colors... yum!!

Inspired by a layout I saw on their blog, here is my version! Love me some Sassafrass Lass!
This is The Story Matters AND Scrapaganza's blog example. :) Doublin' up baby! Here is a mini-book (yes, I said mini-book) that I did... don't fall over Candi!!
I LOVE the My Mind's Eye papers for winter... I just love the palatte and the bird and the circular cage... So I did this mini using it. :)You can get this "Peace" book at Scrapaganza... it is Kasier so it was CHEAP! :) Yet wood! Crazy!
If you are the one that gets this for Christmas, act surprised, K? :)

Here is a layout I did for Pink Sketches : LOVE me some sketches! I would still be stuck in a rut without them!! I have this in my Craft Locker Scrap bag... that bag! I got it at Ben Franklin on clearance more than a year ago, and every time I take it anywhere, people ask where I got it. :) You can display one layout in the bag, and it is basically protected. I hadn't put a new one in for some time! You might be able to find them on Ebay... :) OK, just checked-yep, Ebay!

OK, big news!! Gabriel is in Kindergarten right? Well, he watches his brother read. Wants to... working hard at seeing words and sounding them out... reads many right. We work on his phonics letters all the time... Well we got out these simple sound books... not just two word sentences, but 4-6 word sentences! Just to see-they were basic, and we could help him... uhhhh.... no. He just sat down with me and said "I can do this Mom". And he did. Read all 6 books! LITTLE help! Not kidding! Not being that crazy mom that exaggerates! Promise!! I went in with him at school, and we talked to his "sweetest teacher ever" Mrs. Claussen. He's going to read and share is books as a center in center time! YAY!

He was BEAMING with pride! I was amazed... it was amazing! The picture below is last week... proving his intense interest... :) He WANTED to read! I'm tellin' ya-what they say about putting your mind to something! We're SO proud! :) Last night with one of the books right after his awesome feat! :)
Gavin really has a heart for the Lord. For this I am grateful. He just beleives. If you talk of someone that doesn't beleive, he says. "I will have a talk with them, and just tell them, you need to read the Bible." OK then. Duh! :)
I got him a new "boy" bible, that was on sale at the Family Christian Bookstore. He decided to write, starting with Genesis 1:1... He got quite a bit done! :) Sweet boy!I have NO regrets that my children go to Heritage Christian School... where this is fostered, not smoldered. Amen. :) (You can see some pic.s of my cuties on their site. :) )

So many scrap worthy moments!!

Speaking of our many blessings-Dr. Jackson was here a few weeks ago... if you EVER want to see an awesome speaker... he's incredible. If you believe, but struggle with the evolution issue, see him. Incredible. Seriously. If he comes to the area again, I will post it. WOW! :)
Visit his site here: Points of Origins Maybe I mentioned this before... but it still sticks with me.

OK, enough for today!!

Be Blessed! :)


Sophia said...

Awesome LOs you've got there Penny!!! Loving your works and loving every real moment that you're sharing over here. =)

sarah said...

wow! the house is coming along so nicely!

and i totally love that peace album. it's adorable. i might have to make one of those as a gift for my mother. :)thanks for sharing.