Friday, November 21, 2008

Another week in the life!

Well, it's lookin' good!

They put in the front stairs and finished the sidewalk by the street...I agonized over the stupid front lights......and you really can't see them anyway from afar. :)But I think it all looks pretty good! Except they put up the wrong shutters. I wanted raised panel. They are going to replace them soon. :)

They put on the back lights too... of all the things I have had to do, picking lights for some reason has been harder for me than I would have thought. The kitchen and floors were easier! Seriously!

Here is a closer picture of the back.They graded the yard all around. Looks great!

And I still LOVE my red door! :)They applied the mud to the drywall, sanded, applied the ceiling texture, and painted it all this week... I don't have pictures of the walls all pretty painted white... which of course will all be painted again in various colors!All the trim will be white. :) I love that!

Monday, hard floors will be installed... week after Thanksgiving kitchen cabinets are scheduled to be delivered and installed! WOW!

OK, in other news...

We went to the discover center in Clinton! We really had a great time! My battery went dead before I could take pictures of our Kapla block creations, but I can tell you, they were awesome! :)We SO want a set of these! Jerry and I were building for almost two hours!
I like that the center is all one big room, so the kids can go play, and you can see them!
LOVE the bubble station where they tried to get it so they were inside a bubble! The Rescue dogs had just done a presentation when we got there.The blower tube wall was VERY fun too!!! Ya put your puff ball or scarf in one tube, and it goes through the tubes and shots out! Levers can change the course too.And then there was Dr. Gavin! :)Gabriel REALLY loved these "stilts"... he went back and forth a couple times! I think he liked being tall(er)!Two thumbs up for the Clinton Discovery Center! PLUS the gas was $1.79 to boot, in Clinton! :)

It was a fun time!

Tomorrow we are off to the Festival of Trees Parade, then Sunday, since I have to work tomorrow after the parade, we will go the Festival itself. :)

Have a great weekend!
Be Blessed!


Colleen said...

gotta love the Discovery Center. We haven't been since they moved, but it looks like they have even more cool things to do now. They are a great place to have a kids birthday party. Gas is even cheaper now, it was 1.69 last night when I came home.

Candi Ladwig said...

Is this new?? I never even knew about the Discovery Center!! Looks like a fun time!!

PS... Gas is $1.59 here!!! YIPEE :)

Sophia said...

The Discovery Center looks like fun! Wish I could bring my boy there as well! Loving how your house is coming altogether now! Can't wait for you to actually move in before Christmas! *cross fingers*

HOpe you have a great Thanksgiving!

Kim said...

My kids played with those blocks at Millenium Park Family Festival this summer, I had never seen them before, and they spent almost an hour building! This place looks like fun, I think we will have to take a trip to Clinton.