Sunday, June 1, 2008


I hate to admit it. I love to scope out other blogs for inspiration. I don't do it everyday. At least not all of my favorites. My friends, I'll check them more often (which reminds me... I have more of you to ADD!). But once in awhile I will come across something that really does inspire me.

Here are just a couple finds today!

Found this on Christine Middlecamp's blog...

And this is the same designers door (fabric-not scrapbooking)... check out the fabric covered chairs!

You just have to dive into her blog... drown yourself in color! I am in love with these colors!

I have vowed, if things work out a certian way this week, and we are staying in the house we are in now, THEN I will take my space back, and color will abound! Seriously! Paint will soon be my friend (again)!! I will put back ALL my pictures, and add more... I will darn it!!!

I want it to be my space that is all color and pictures that I am showing you! (NOT taking pictures of my mostly staged boring house right now! :)

Oh geez... just one more!
And, on this Sunday, as hot as it seemed, it was quite beautiful... and I caught a bit of God's handiwork. His {not so subtle} reminder of the beauty around us always... OK a bit poetic for me... but anyway, these clouds looked like they need to be on a Christian music CD or something! :)

Have a happy week!

May you find evidence of Him around you too!

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Candi Ladwig said...

I want the pic of the girl holding the frame!! can ya paint that up for me?