Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back from RANGER U!!!!

WOW!!! That's all I really have to say!

WOW!!! It was incredible!! Truly!

I learned SO much! I met the BEST people!

I am SO inspired! WOW!

I can't wait to get it all organized and get TEACHIN'!!

I got in late on Thursday... got a bit of sleep, and off to Ranger we went!

Friday morning was Melt Art with Suze Weinburg! Then {I can't tell you what with} Claudine Hellmuth. :)

Then Precious Pearls with Tim Holtz... and then the next two DAYS with Tim!!


We inked, painted, stamped, melted, created, ironed, embossed, inked, edged, distressed, sprayed.... did I miss anything??

OHHH, and I got to see things being made and packaged in the factory! I got to take a stickles from the line RIGHT after it hit the bottle! Very cool! :)

I am now a certified instructor for Ranger. YAY! I am listed on their site SOON!

And I have a new understanding for all things Ranger... boy was I clueless!! :) "Just sayin'"

Thank you everyone at Ranger, for your creativity, time, efforts, patience, enthusiasm... and thanks to Patti, for the "Patti Splat"! What a fun technique!!

We did each technique on a tag... I have quite the stack!!! We did more than 70 techniques!

Look for Ranger classes in August at Scrapaganza!!

About some of the people I met: WOW!

Of course there was Tim Holtz, Claudine Hellmuth and Suze Weinburg!! (Can't wait to check out some REAL sushi with ya Suze!! Tim, your the best-again, "just sayin'. Claudine, I LOVE your laugh! :) Have a safe move to DC!)

But here are a few other great people I met at Ranger U!

Terri Ventura, awesome jewelry artist! She uses vintage one of a kind many times, pieces in her designs! She had the BEST bracelet on this weekend!! WOW! Come by the store soon! I should be the proud owner of a "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" bracelet SOON (or whatever she sends-doesn't matta-it's ALL fabulous!!) YAY!! Thanks Terri!! I hope to visit New York again soon, and she can give me a tour of Tincel Trading, and her other great haunts!! THIS is a great lady that knows how to "keep it real"!!

Bernie Berlin-altered artist, author, and WONDERFUL lady! Don't forget to check out her animal Rescue efforts here, too! WONDERFUL lady! I hope to go down to Tennessee to visit, help out... whatever I can, and maybe create too... WOW. Thanks Bernie!

Vicki Boutin-Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame winner 2006. Vicki, your hilarious! Thanks for being so funny and nice, and you were certainly kind! I had a great time, but in my efforts to be "reserved" let's say, I was hardly myself-which can be overwhelming to some... hence my efforts! LOL! ANYWAY, you are easy to be with, and just FUNNY!! Keep it real girl, and I will see ya at CHA!!

Kezia Whittaker-Tinkering Ink owner... Kezia... so glam... so.... good at what she does! It was great to see you again! Everyone, be sure to check out all that is Tinkering Ink! I am sure that they will be out with some great new stuff! Looks like Ali Edwards was just using their adorable Peek-a-boo albums! Fun! :)

Nancy from For Keeps Sake! What a nice lady to have sitting next to me!! Thanks Nancy! You were a a lot of FUN! :)

Teri Davis... Queen of Canjun! WHAT a great personality!! See ya soon "talking head"!!
(Look for Teri in the pages of Memory Makers and other great mag's!)

Susan Johnson from Amate Studios... Thanks for the great jewelry pieces!! And for being one of my fabulous roommates! See ya at CHA!

To Kathy ( from UK)... have a great water birth!! Can't wait to see what you have (boy or girl)... Wait... I will see you in July even closer to your due date!! :)

And to all the other people I was privileged to meet!! Wendy from Maya Road; Dylan, one of the 7 Gypsies? :) Shari Carrol-check her out here at Hero Arts! It was nice talking to you at the BBQ Shari! Joel... what a great guy they have as director of sales at Ranger! Class act! Gosh!!
There are SO many of you! I got to meet the Ursala's from Germany... :) And Lindsey from the UK-Oh wait... JUDITH! Duh. (LOL!) Sheena and Traci... Sheena's job was to keep Traci calm!! She was SO cute!! Oh goodness... it's hard to remember everyone by name!

We were SO busy! There were SO many more people there than scrapbookers! WOW! Manufacturer owners, designers, altered artists, jewelry designers, store owners or managers, Ranger employees, stamp company owners and designers... I am grateful, out of over 125 people that applied, little ole me was choosen to go! Again, WOW!

What a privilege that I could spend my long weekend with all of you!
A blessing indeed!!

*Other things I have learned:
-You can get 7 grown women into a compact car
-Cheesecake Factory is THE dinner out anywhere there is one, and your crafting...
-UTee is my friend!
-Hot Dogs come in many sizes.
-People are not always as they seem... sometimes they are even better!
-Cajun isn't just food!
-The messier the better.
-Not all things can be heated to dry with a heat gun.
-I LOVE Ranger products!!!!


dime store daze said...

hey Penny.
Love the slide show, Loved being your roomy,loved crafty with you...the bracelet should be to you next week....

Candi Ladwig said...

can't wait to see the tags!! {and learn all the fun stuff}

Kitty said...

I wanna go SO bad!!!!!!!!! So jealous of you - glad you are back home safe :)

PetiteCheri said...

ow! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love seeing all of the pictures. Congrats on now being able to teach!