Monday, January 24, 2011

MAD Monday - Take 4

*MAD Monday stands for "Make a Dent" Monday... every Monday I try to "Make a Dent" by scrapping my scrapbooking supplies that have been hoarded, and have thus been sitting around looking pretty, but not being used. Solution. A regular feature that forces me to use my stash!

OK, so it is usually Monday EVENING now that I "make a dent"... but that's OK.

This time, I used my Studio Calico kit... the current kit.
I am not sure why the song "Baby, Don't Treat Me Bad" came into my head, and influenced this layout title... and why I went this direction with this layout.

As my daughter heals AND I deal with family trials that make me realize I too have had a heck of a start, I take this moment to pause on how much I can relate to my daughter. We were both adopted... she was an orphan for 2 years. I was abandoned first by my birth mother, then my adoptive mother in my teens... it doesn't hurt less because I am over 40.
I miss having a mother I can talk to regularly, who loves me unconditionally. I love my father. He has stood by me. He does loved me unconditionally... most days. He is SO hard on me. I can usually handle it. I do because I would do anything for that acceptance. And I am devastated when he yanks the acceptance away with criticism.

But I don't feel sorry for myself. Though I do mourn on occasion what I don't have. Then I go back to my "choose joy" attitude. And pray for more love and acceptance in the future.
ANYWAY, I did this layout, because on this part of the journey, I realize just how much my unconditional love means to Cora. That through the current therapy she is going through, WE are going through, we have so much in common, and we can be there for each other. I love her despite it all... more than I ever thought possible.
(I also threw in some Hambly transparency, AND those squares are cut from the ad postcard in the SC kit. :) )

OK, the NEXT layout is a bonus! Also from the Studio Calico kit, I decided to participate in the ABC Scripture challenge that Patter Cross is hosting/leading. I SHOULD be on "B". I had "A" MOSTLY finished for some time. {Anchor is the "a" word} So now it is done, and I can move on. :)

I kept it simple, but misted... and hand stitched. :)
Check out the anchor on the button! :) I used ad postcard for this one too! The butterfly and camera.


Michele said...

Beautiful pages Penny. The first one made me cry.

MandyKay said...

beautiful layouts!

Mindy said...

Your first layout is so awesome. If you didn't include the journaling that you told in your post on the layout you should print it out and adhere to the back of that layout for your daughter later on. It is one the best ones ever!

Denise said...

Penny, you are so inspiring me to make a dent!!! I just made several Valentine cards and other than the pack of embellishments I had purchased at the store, I only used papers and supplies that I had!!! Some of the papers were more than a couple of years old, I am ashamed to admit. I love this idea.

Renata Moni said...

Love your pages! thanks for stopping by!
have a great weekend!

Penny said...

I AM A FAN! Your work is beautiful and your music selections awesome.

I am another Penny Smith who google my name and here you are! You've inspired me.