Monday, January 3, 2011

MAD {make a dent} Monday - And be FUNNIER already!

(Warning... LONG entry!)
The people that know me think I am funny.
No really.
Can't tell by my blog most days.
It's all "look at this"...
So I need to be "funnier".
It's who I am.
Of course when I am being more funny, I am usually being more opinionated too.
We'll see where that leads us.
Might get me kicked off the web.
We'll see.
So let's start with why "Make a Dent" Monday's...
Cuz I have too much crap.
Scrap crap.
I hoard.
I save things for that "special" project.
Then is sits too long and it ends up at our LSS garage sale with me saying "I really loved that."
Who am I kidding.
I will never be able to use all this...
but I could at LEAST try!

Go Me!!

So I am going to do a layout EVERY (cough) Monday,
using ANYTHING that isn't due for an assignment,
or a call,
or a class!
And I am going to get messy more.
(OK, so I didn't get messy today.
I just got something done.
Baby steps.)
First, the proof...
Now I can show you all those pretty close ups that make it look like a have an awesome artsey scrap space.
That would be a lie.
I mean, I DO have a cool scrap space (well, I think so anyway)
but it is NEVER fully clean or organized.
If I wait to show you the room when it is clean....
...well, we all will be gone...
SO, I'll go with what I have.

So let's start with the pretty close ups, shall we?
Here are a couple of my vintage cameras.
Leave it to me. I never got lucky enough to have a vintage camera perfect for TtV's already,
when I discovered TtV shooting.
Yep, that's my luck.
And a couple of my favorite stamps (I have an owl thing, btw.)
And a wire figure my son made me out of sparkler wire leftovers.
Pretty creative if you ask me. (He gets that from me. snort!)
Another of the shelves... another camera, a bingo card,
and some random doll I thought looked like my son
(or would anyway) during an ugly ebay stint years ago.
Lots of purchases that made no sense really.
What these shelves REALLY looks like?
And above the shelves...
I love that picture of Jerry and I.
It is our engagement picture.
(only a tad over 10 years ago... where did my hips go?? There in there SOMEwheres! :) )
It was signed by most of the people at the reception.
And it STILL doesn't have glass!
I might be being a little TOO honest. Eek.
Oh well.
The other pictures are here because they are in frames I probably wouldn't buy today,
but they worked in here because of the somewhat manly green color.

I didn't take a picture, but, I was inspired by Christina Middlecamp years ago, to have my husband and I share this room. (She use to share a space w/husband.)
He has a desk in the corner.
"Side by side" time.
We make comments to each other once in awhile.
It's better than no time.
More illusion...
My adhesive basket that sits on my desk.
It's really more for less used and back-ups.
I have one of those scrap bags you see everywhere at crops.
That's were my adhesive I use regularly lives...
But THAT'S not pretty!
Now the reality...
THIS is my work space.
And I would say it is actually pretty clean right now!

I still can't part with my Autumn Leaves calendar.
What?!? It's only like 4 years old!
That red pottery?
You could just TELL it was made by a kid in school.
And the parents or grandparents gave it to Goodwill!
Perfect for my pens.
One of a kind, really.
See the pyrex cuties and rack?
Well, I chuckled, because when I took a close up,
(I throw loose buttons and brads and things in there that would get lost and never seen)
I didn't realize that one of the dishes was toppled.
I didn't even notice it!
And I am SURE this one did it!
(Notice him sticking his tongue out at me??)
His name is Ashton.
Asherton Peabody.
Ashton Amadeus .
And we KNEW we had the right name for him when my husband said
"And when we are mad at him we can call him "Ash-hole"!
Or was that me...
Never-the-less the cat with 20 names!

Let's back up a second! When you walk into my house, this room is what you see...
So I TRY to keep it neat. (snort-more like hope no one ever comes over!)

OK, so a few more shots...
More evidence that I need to use some of this stuff UP!
The dresser I keep Tim Holtz/Ranger and class set up stuff in...
and things I like to look at on it.
Notice the labels still stuck on it from the person that gave me the dresser.
She actually labeled her dresser contents. (There's an idea. Or not.)
One of my fun finds...
I got this shoe mold holder at Three Potatoe Four.
(Over priced vintage. but they find some cool things...)
I put embellishments that I don't want to fall into the Abyss there.
OH, and if you noticed my FABULOUS workbench
(above in picture from the door)
I got for Christmas LAST year,
Here is what faces me! Fabulous drawers!
Not everything in there is very pretty... I would LOVE to eliminate all plastic.
(Even the "didn't have anywhere ELSE for them to go" wooden shelves are better!)
I keep most of my stamps here:
(there are a TON of stamps stuffed into that floral bag! )
OK a couple more...
...they get messier as they go.
My paper tray and my Ikea expedit 2 cube x 4 cube shelving.
...not very neat, but it conceals much of the mess!
More of that shelving and the mess on/above!
I like having pictures and items that are just for lookin' at!
Like that bingo spinner.
Fun find!
More mess:
Yes, that is a reproduction "antique Italian liquor monkey poster".
Say that 5 times fast!
Those flowers will be headbands one day.
I like the Clip it Up system. Even if it really isn't all that nice to look at.

OK! On to the point!
Let's start easy.
I had a pack of Bella Blvd. "Estate Sale".
And whipped up this:
Simple, but it got these picture that I LOVE on a layout.
Maybe it's crappy... but at least I USED some crap!
(OK, I would NOT let my kids say that word!
What is WITH me!)

I DID sew. I am SO addicted to sewing right now!
I'm not good at it.
But I enjoy it!
If you didn't read about the machine I got, I'll remind you.
The Janome Sew Mini. It has the same metal bobbin drop and and needle housing the big Janomes do! I have sewn a lot, and my friends at crops have too... no issues!
It is SUPER light weight, so I take it to crops every time now!

Here is a detailed shot of the layout.
So this isn't a challenge...
BUT if you want to show me something you created because you decided to "Make a dent" in your stash-cool!
Or if you want to share pictures of your scrap crap space-cool!

Alrighty! Go live the rest of your life!
Hopefully I'll see ya soon! :)

PS-Kelli Crowe, you inspired me to lighten up and blog "me"...
You make me laugh EVERY time I go to your blog!
Thank you!


Patt said...

Wow, do you still have enough air to breathe!! I enjoyed your little journey... You are who you are and that's why I like hangin with you... ((((HUGS))))

Chelle said...

That was an enjoyable blog post to read. I recognize that Partylite candle holder on the one dresser. I used to have one until I sold it..on ebay I think.

Michele said...

You still managed to make it look like an artsy craft studio. :P

good idea to set a goal to use the stash though. I need to do that too!

meganklauer said...

I know we live close to each other. Maybe we'll meet some time and I'll come see your scrap space. Hee! Hee!
Loved all the details!
And I love your MAD monday idea! Gonna have to steal it from you soon. :0)
I did a layout using my stash after we talked the other night. Thanks!

Carlene said...

I dare not show you my space! I made it all nice and ordered and pink...and then creating began and now its GAH!

You're layout is not crap...its simple and classy! Perfect!

Sophia said...

Your scrap place looks like mine, so much everywhere...cute LO.

Lydia said...

Wow, I love your creative choas!! Such wondeful chachkas!!