Sunday, December 12, 2010

Give a little, save a life.

I am not one to ask for donations for anything...

I understand how hard it is to be able to keep finances in order on a normal day.

But if a lot of people gave just a little it CAN change a life!
I came across this blog (and her plea) via another scrapbookers blog (Stephanie Howell), and since the child the donations are going towards is an orphan in Ukraine AND having seen first hand how hard the conditions are for these orphans, having adopted one AND knowing how the conditions are even WORSE for these special needs children that have NO future, I could not help be called to point you in this direction... even if you can only give a couple dollars... it helps.

Any of these children that can be kept out of an institutionalized life, well, that's a blessing, isn't it.

If you can't give, then please pray. If you CAN give, you might win a ipod touch.

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