Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May The Story Matters starts shipping (or pick-up) TODAY!

THIS is my favorite kit so far... and I have loved them all!

The COLOR! Hard to be grumpy working with this kit!!
Daily prizes still going on too! So enter to WIN at The Story Matters!!

This one, I just did NOT want to cut up this piece of paper! And the ice cream truck visit seemed to fit the bill...
Don't fall over... I did a two page layout!
And then one of my munchkins det something wet down by it...
That's life (and art!) :)

I played with my glimmer mist again. Offset the piece of paper on the left and sprayed... and masked "super hero" with letter stickers below right. Red seems to be my favorite color of mist!
And I decided the only way to post ANYTHING about my punks, is to include at least one picture with each scrapbooking post!
So here is Gavin with his math olympics certificate. He didn't get a ribbon, but I am proud of him. He did story problems instead of regular math problems because he enjoys them and "they are more challenging." I rather see him try something he maybe hasn't mastered... good boy!
And Gabriel, hamming it up during chapel. Yes. My son was hamming it up in chapel!
They did a little play and hosted chapel at school. :)
Thanks for stoppin' by!


Jeannie said...

those are suuuper cute layouts, Penny! And i totally know what you mean about not wanting to cut into paper. I have SO many papers that I thought were SO cute that I didn't want to use. So now I have SO many old papers, that just don't seem that cute anymore. haha, i really need to get over that. :) But for real, cute cute layouts. I LOVE the super hero masking. :)

Stacy said...

Super cute layouts Penny!

Shelley Haganman said...

You totally rocked those layouts girl!!! I really like the way you tilted on the first one! I am going to have to lift that one!

Alicia said...

you needed to mist a spiderweb:)