Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm here!! I'm here!

Sorry! Busy week last week (whose wasn't?)

Sometimes life gets in the way of scrapbooking. Darn it.

BUT I AM going out of town FRIDAY to spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday SCRAPBOOKING!

I am heading up to Lake Geneva with 4 other friends to SCRAPBOOK! (It deserved capital letters twice!)
So I am taking my Sassafrass Lass papers that I have SO been wanting to play with, and "club" for work, and I am going to CREATE darn it!
That is if Alicia doesn't keep trying to tear us away to go play or eat! :)

Darn card makers! (JUST teasing!!)

What have we been up to?? Hmmm...
Gavin and Gabriel went to Jack's birthday Party... can you guess? (Star Wars) :)
Blew some bubbles...
Found some "treasure"...
Wrote an article for the NEW magazine "Christian Paper Crafting"... :) (YAY!)
Walked a LOT!! What I had hoped would happen living in this neighborhood, has! I walk each day with my dog, and most nights we try to walk as a family (with the dogs again)!
Can I just say there is something very cute and funny about watching a chihuahua healing! :) Had ice cream with the neighbors... (Yes, Gabriel is in his PJ's!)
Scrapbooked a LITTLE (Pink Sketches LO)...
Another cute picture of my girlie girl dog. :)
Took silly pictures for my Teacher Appreciation gift to Gavin's 2nd grade teacher...
And just enjoyed the scenery!
And please, keep Megan F. in your prayers... it is so hard to lose someone you love... but your mother. I can't imagine. Having a mother that is in your life day to day and then losing her...
Too hard.

OK... well, I am off!
Gone until Sunday! YAY! Off to Lake Geneva to scrapbook and just enjoy good company!

Be Blessed!


meganklauer said...

Have a awesome weekend! What a great mom's day get-away!
BTW~ I'm totally gonna have to lift your robot page! I just picked those up at scrapaganza and I'm in love! :0)

Becky in WI said...

enjoy Geneva :) I have scrapped there a couple weekends and it was awesome to get away. I am going to a christian camp next weekend to catch up (again) on some scrappin' Need to get caught up before summer hits...
I may be in town for the favorite things crop - I will let you know as it gets closer.

Alicia said...

That scrap page of Gabriel is so cute. Love his little robots. Our next little inventor!