Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What we SHOULD do:

Alicia gave me this great handout she got from MOPS...
I couldn't help but put it here so I could remember it myself.
Good stuff.

Team is:
1. A collection of individuals.
Each individual is unique to the team. This creates variety. Each person has been gifted in some way.
2. Making each other stronger.
-Teams are collection of gifted people. We challenge each other to be stronger.
-Accountability-we each have a role to play.
-Trust-when we all trust each other-a team can "move mountains."
What we do "together" matters.
3. Working towards a common goal.
What makes a good team is time spent. Teams need to know each other to be strong.
Every part does it's part.

When people operate closely together, there will be conflict-it's natural!
1. If someone hurts your feelings-go and talk to her-don't imply motives-give people best case scenario.
2. Pray before you speak to her. You want to say the truth, but in a way she will not be defensive.
3. Don't stew over the issue and read into things. (Satan can use division to hurt.)
4. Forgive others. We all need forgiveness.

For the sake of my health, and my sanity and my faith... I am going to demand a drama free life. Yes me...
I not longer have time for petty and ridiculous.
I have no interest in gossip and knowing the deep workings of peoples bad days.
The answer is no.
Because I absolutely refuse to allow toxic individuals and drama to enter my life. And that makes my life good. (Thanks Emilie-I borrowed that!)

The thing is, I DO need people in my life that I can trust. I, like most of us, say things that could be twisted, misunderstood, and in all honesty, if interpreted by the wrong person, could have a negative affect. Any one of us can say something that could be used against someone else. And again. The answer is no.

If you are someone that would take something I would say and use it to hurt someone else, then I don't need to be associated with you. The answer is no.

I LOVE my friends. God honest love. I would do anything for those I love. But I can only have my trust stomped upon so many times, I have found. I will always forgive, because we do all need forgiveness, but I many not always trust.

I have some of the best friends in the world. People that understand that I rant, but love me enough to rant back (and trust ME) AND keep it to themselves. But I now reserve my ranting to truth, or the process of it. There is no point in what it said above-stewing over issues and reading into them.

OK, that was a lot of babble for no real point. It isn't even related to a specific indecent. But what I am noticing is this. When I keep it real, keep it positive, and be honest with myself who I can trust, I do so much better. {And when I have an opinion, I keep others feelings in mind.}

We are all human. There is not one person on this planet mistake free. Period. But now that I am 40, I can only fill my life with what is good for me. I can only make a conscience effort to be joyful and positive. That my actions resemble the way I live, and that I live well-my best effort to glorify Him.

Forgive me, I am a work in progress. God isn't done with me yet.

Be blessed.

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