Tuesday, February 3, 2009


"Patience is the art of hoping." -Luc de Clapier

This was a year ago... CHA was later in the month last year-I had my birthday while I was there, and my birthday is next week... so this was ALMOST a year ago.I hope to see the ocean soon.
I miss the ocean.
I can't think about it too long, or it will make me sad.
I miss the smell, and there is just something about it...
It is almost as beautiful as my children!
It lifts my soul.
To leave it when I do see it is hard.
I wish I could see it more regularly.
Maybe some day.


Colleen said...

looks like a fun place to be. I have only seen the ocean once and that was on the tail end of a tropical storm. No playing in the water that day.

Anonymous said...

Im w/ u , the ocean makes me happy, there is no other place I would rather be than near an ocean, its breath taking..everything about it..and im not just saying this b/c i have cabin fever...lol

Marion said...

I totally agree!! Sometimes when you see something all the time, you take it for granted, but I NEVER took seeing the ocean everyday for granted! It is just too wonderful and always changing. It recharges your soul and my soul is desperately in need of recharging right about now.

Tina said...

it might have helped if i left my name instead of anonymous....duh

Sophia said...

That photo is awesome! Makes me wish I was there too!

Hey! I'm so glad that The Story Matters is up. =) Am gonna share my story on my blog.

sarah said...

yeah, the ocean is my peaceful place. hopefully, you'll be able to visit soon! =)

great pic by the way!