Monday, December 15, 2008

Well it's about time! :)

I have had many questions about the house, and a little bit of amazement that we are moving in next week! :) Thank you for your well wishes and prayers and concern, and support! It IS appreciated!!

It is almost done! Carpet goes in tomorrow and Wednesday, and then it's just some painting by me, and the "punch list". :)


Anyone interesting in moving (yeah, right) in 20 degree weather, give me a ring! LOL!

Here are a few pictures!
Before: (uhm, the floors are awesome-clean. There is an obvious need for a "no shoe" rule with my new black floors!! This is after a LOT of trouncing about of the workers in their big dusty boots!)
(Here is a better shot of the floor, in the laundry room, where no one had been walking about in dusty boots! Before trim was in yet.)

Close up of my pendant shade... simple. :) The 1/2 bath (the one most people will see) withOUT paint, or a mirror yet. But with the cool sink and faucet. :) I got a DEAL on these!!!

THIS...Led to THIS!They will be sharing, and Gabriel's favorite color is blue, and Gavin's is green... this is one solution. :)

Little girl, BIG bling! :) (Her room is the same green per her request, and it looks AWESOME with pink!!)LOVE this chandelier... couldn't resist! :) (Available at Menard's! :) )This is hooked up now too! (not in this pic...)
And my scraproom/office (sharing with Jer). I am not sure if I will get to Ikea as soon as I would like (like last month!!) Cuz I SO want to the shelves I have been planning for!! The green is called "carriage door"... it is a hard green to describe. There are french doors into this room. You can see they sprayed the closet doors in this room by the floor! :) (Carpet not in yet, obviously)

Otherwise-catch up again:
The Thanksgiving Feast at Heritage...Sorry Amy... this is what happens when you don't show up to Mom 4 Moms. :) Ya end up on the web! :)
The "Winter Holiday" Program at Neil Armstrong... (an obvious exclusion of "Christ" from Christmas thank you very much... here's the deal. If you don't want "Christ" in your Christmas, DON'T CELEBRATE IT! Open gifts on the 4th of July!! We don't open presents on the days of Hanukkah just cuz we want the daily gifts!! So why should non-believers not only take over Christmas, but complain about Christ's present in it?? I am sorry (not really) if I offend, but come ON, does anyone see the flaw in this??? Sorry-I had to get that out! :)

ANYWAY, Cora did wonderfully! (That is her on the end in the black and white striped dress with the tall books and red necklace! :) )Gavin and Gabriel's CHRISTMAS program:
Gabriel did SO well! He sang EVERYTHING, all the gestures... very little incident-being behind the angel was a little tempting obviously... little showboat!Gavin was SO serious about it... and it was past his bedtime, and since he is 2nd grade now, he was with the "big" kids, and had a long time on stage... caught him yawning a couple times! It is tiring, this acting and singing thing! :)
A visit to the Family Museum:
The Festival of Trees Parade (OK, so I am out of order... ooops)

A visit to Festival of Trees.... I could do a whole entry on this! It is always beautiful and fun!!Gorgeous room, but check out the dork in the mirror. :)

"Driving" the trains!Yum! :)

And a visit with Santa! (Yes, Gabriel is wearing his rain boots... Don't ask. :) )
Oh, and I am Guest Designer over at Mollie and Mac! I appreciate the oppurtunity, though it was NOT easy doing a mini (not my norm) with all my recent chaos!! But I was likin' their paper, so I dug in and "got 'er done"! :)

Thanks Mollie and Mac!!

Here is the mini (Anne, if you DO scroll down here, close your eyes!!!) :)
Candi, don't fall over!! LOL!

And a layout...
OK, the Perfect Medium Pen... it is medium for Perfect Pearls in pen form (could you guess?) but you write or accent where you want, dust on Perfect Pearls (Ranger baby!) and TaDa!
Ok, I wasn't as precise as I wanted to be... but you get the idea!And I have another one I have NOT been able to get done! Ugh!

OK... that's it for now!! I am SURE I am forgetting SOMETHING!!

In the meantime... Be Blessed!!


Ashleigh Dillin said...

Oh Penny, I bet you are soooo excited the house looks amazing. I love the bathroom sink Luke and I wanted one like that but we already had one so didnt want to spend the house ha :) And the boys' room color looks great and love, love, love the chandelier super cute :)

Anonymous said...

Ted & Melly would be willing to help you move, if it is on a weekend!! :)

Kristin said...

The house is absolutely gorgeous! Love the colors you chose!! And the chandelier, love it!! That bathroom is going to look awesome! And the kitchen is to die for :)
I bet you can't wait to move in!!!
You have amazingly beautiful children :) and I just love your designs!
(I went to high school with Jerry)

Candi Ladwig said...

Great job on your mini!! I love the layout, too! Your house is looking so good, can't wait to see it all done and in person! I am bummbed I missed the Festival of Trees this year!! Hope you are enjoying the last few days before Christmas.

Colleen said...

How cool, a New house just in time for Christmas. I am sure you will remember this Christmas season.