Monday, December 29, 2008

It still feels good!!

I didn't know "Oh Baby" was due out yet...
And I guess Scrapbook Trends January was at the store since last week-no one told ME!
I was busy moving!!

I am proud to be in Scrapbook Trends again this month!
And to be in the idea book "Oh Baby"!

Thanks Scrapbook Trends!

Come by the store, and take a closer look!
There are a LOT of great LO's in this mag!
(Kerry Lynn Yeary and I are in the same Mag! Cool!) :)


Mindy said...

Both of those LOs are super cute! I don't know if I've seen them before (because I have such a poor memory) but I love them both! Congrats on being published -- AGAIN!

Angela said...

Congrats Penny! I haven't seen these IRL yet, but I'll have to check 'em out! Congrats!!!

Tina said...

ok girl kuddos to you AGAIN, I am happy for you really i am but im still just a teeny bit jealous, its just not fair i want to be published too .DARN kinda you know i luv ya..hope u had a good xmas and ya the house pics bet your loving the new house...again im
ttyl :)