Friday, August 15, 2008

How about a bunch of pictures to show what we have been up to??

Best to just give ya the low down via pictures! I can't believe how far behind I am AGAIN!

We have been SO busy-and it is just going to get worse! Cora started school, the boys start on Monday... and we are MOVING next month!!! UGH!!

So here is what I got... un-fooled around with. No enhancement, boosting, or even cropped! NO TIME! :)
Cora's new haircut... Gabriel started it... and then I "finished". We took her to the stylist at first. Her attempt to "blend in" the butched front sections fell short... it looked weird, so I cut it one length where the length of the front "butchering"! :) Everyone says they think it is SO cute. I liked it when it was all one length-so healthy and pretty... oh well, it'll grow back. And I have to admit, she looks cute.

Another trip to the zoo! I don't know HOW it is that I got away with not having to buy pony rides, but they SO loved it!! That smile says it all!! I just love these guys! (their monkeys and mine. :) ) Yep, their my little monkeys! :) The zoo visit isn't complete without a trian ride...
...and a carousel ride!Gavin and Gabriel both love the eagle SO much... we have to take turns each visit who gets to ride him... this time it was Gabriel's turn. :) Silly boys!
The tiger will do! :) They just LOVE this "mister"! They missed it immediately when it wasn't at the entrance. We found it here at the carousel! :)
And the result... :)We got lucky, and they were returning the turtles to their exhibit, and the kids got to "pet" the turtles...
And I got some fun pictures of the animals too...

Candi left us... darn her.
I will miss her at the store, and CHA (I hope we can do a CHA again someday-after that baby gets a little more independant! :) ) working on projects... I am lucky enough to still have her one my Design Team at The Story Matters... You'll be missed girlie! Thanks for all the creative MoJo- I still plan on lots of online scrap bantering! :)After Candi's going away party, we were off to the Smith Family party... OK, it wasn't just Smith's... Day's, Billers, Seitz... hard to keep them all straight! Jill (Jerry's sister) come with her Josh and Dave (son and husband) What a treat! Seriously Jill-I'm sending you a gift certificate to Krispy Kreme... :)

Joe and his love Margo... :) Aren't they cute? Cora spent most of her time while Jerry was playin' bustin' a move! :) She has a wicked air guitar! :) Family... it's what it's all about! :)

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Mindy said...

Cora's hair is so cute! Addison recently got her hair cut the same way and I love it. It doesn't even look too bad if we "forget" to comb it! We went to the zoo last week too and my neice and nephew got in a knock out, drag down fight about that eagle on the merry go round. They need at least 2 if not more! Looks like you've been busy! Cute photo of you and your hubby!