Friday, March 16, 2012

Photo Friday

Yep. I am going to pretend I can keep that up!
So here goes.

Let's keep it simple!

I am in LOVE with my instagram app on my iPhone 4s (can use it on any iPhone and an iPod touch too)... I have a TON of camera apps on my phone... (9, not counting the camera app on the phone)
But instagram is my go to app...
and this little bit of information is a bonus! now as the option to make a BOOK from your instagram photos!
Hello. Click HERE.

AND if you haven't found Postal Pix (the app). Another MUST have. It choose pics form my phone and they are on my doorstep printed in 2-5 days. HELLO! Love that!

OOPS... on to my pics for "Photo Friday".
With instagram, you take the pic, and then you have the option to add different affects with their preset filters... see the shoes below. It is a tree now-but it gives you an idea the affect will have.
I have learned, different filters work best with different lighting, etc... ya get the hang of it pretty quick. I use 4 of them the most. You also have the option of the frames that accompany the filter, or not. There is a community you can be a part of too... other instagramers.

My first pic wasn't taken today... cheater.
But it brings up a good point. No more guesswork when it comes to taking a self portrait or pics with friends. Use the front camera and you can see the shot while you take it. Yep, the camera isn't as good, but you get a great shot this way. Trade-off I can live with.
This one was taken this week with the kids. I could NEVER have taken this picture myself without the forward facing camera while holding the phone!
...and this one of hubby and me on a date this week...
So far today (no seriously. I take daily pictures on my phone...)

My iPad came today...
Had it engraved.
It's one of my favorite scriptures... lots of my favs in Philippians...
I engraved my name on my Nano... but wanted to do something more fun on my iPad...
Do you know how much longer it would take me to get my 50D out, upload, edit... No, I won't ever do a photo shoot with my iPhone (I say that now). But for the everyday, LOVE!

I took this just while I was sitting here typing!
My phone is almost always with me... so it makes sense that I capture the everyday with it.

So much for a simple post!

This might make for a fun regular post! :)

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