Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vol 25 - Jessica Rose ROCKS!

i have no excuse. none. notta.
ok. i have like 20. but i'm back for just a sec to show my appreciation to Jessica Rose.
she is the mastermind behind vol 25. awesome. remember "the story matters"?
she did our typewriter. and it's really cool.
so i decided it was time i had the print she made with this typewriter.
it matches my master bedroom.
and that doesn't even have a frame yet, and i have framed her "freebies" in my order!
she sent one intentional freebie. i created 2 more.

so this is what i did with her the "official" freebie:
(cut from a postcard)
((50 cent frame from salvation army btw.))
(((click pictures for larger)))
and this is what i did with her card:
(up here on top-says "love" underneath.)
(card detail)
(notice a trend to my leaning. hee!)

and this is what i did with her postcard advertising her other wares at zazzle.com/vol25.
(backed it with some pebbles inc. paper, and popped it with some foam squares)
better show that closer up...
it says 'not all who wander are lost". so true.

guess i like her stuff.

let's do a drawing of sorts.

comment here (have to follow me too, darn it) and i will give you a gift certificate of sorts for $17. (gets you any uncustomized 5x7. or use it towards a 8x10) do with it as you wish.
i pay her, you shop. FUN!
(you'll pay shipping too)

i will draw a winner on sunday-when i get back from being without kids AND with my husband, for 3 days! joy!! when does THAT happen???


Shewins1 said...

Saaaaaaay whaaat? I love this! How exciting & what a giveaway! Thanks Penny!
~ smooche ssister (shelley)

Colleen said...

Wanted to answer your last question. It happens when the darlings are old enough to stay home by themselves for the weekend and you ship the other one (or in your case 2 )off to a friends house. Have a nice time with your hubby :)

Balk said...

I have plenty of wall spaces that could use something from Jessica :)

Kim said...

I have some NEW wall space that would be perfect with something from Jessica. Love vol. 25....thanks for the giveaway!

Nitasha said...

Love Jessica's work and so awesome to see that you used every single piece of art that was included in your order! I have plenty of wall space...thanks so much for sharing!

Courtney Walsh said...

Love her stuff too! And love what you did with it! :) We moved not too long ago...I really need to get some art on the walls!!

SarahA said...

Love the typewriter design she did. I will have to check out more of her work. Thanks for a chance to win! I LOVE art!!!

Amy Coose said...

Love her stuff, thanks for the chance to win! Of course, I'm already a follower. :)

Alicia said...

can't wait to see it in person! fun, fun.

Missi said...

These are so cool, sign me up and I love giveaways. Thanks Penny!

Shelley Haganman said...

I love her stuff too and that is thanks to YOU!! I would love to win this!

dul said...

obv i'm in for it, love her work so much.

Heather said...

I recently stumbled upon her work. I especially LOVE her templates! I would love something for my empty walls! Thank you!


Krista said...

just became a follower and also LOVE vol25...i think i have 4 of her prints already and i love the freebies too :) your blog is cute, looking forward to reading more!

Steph said...

Great giveaway! New fan!!

Jennifer Barata Allen said...

I would love to win this. Thanks for the giveaway.