Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MY Eclipse movie review! :)

OK, yes...
I was one of the crazies sitting in a movie theater for hours watching two movies I have seen several times in anticipation of the release of the third!

It was fun!

And surprisingly, the crowd was well behaved. Though it was weird. They openly laughed at things that weren't so funny many times. Very Weird.

ANYWAY, at 11:59pm the previews began. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you got to see the trailer to the TWO movies that are coming out November 2010 and I think it was March 2011... I was never really into those, and have only seen the first movie-but they DO look visually stunning.

OK, on to Eclipse.

The trailers show WAY too much of the movie. That said I was still delighted.

-It moved FAST! I am not sure if it moved TOO fast or not. I have read the books, so I knew all the filler info.. I am not sure if there was too much assumed for someone to follow if they have only seen the other two movies and not read the books. That would be the dudes. But then, they are only sitting there waiting for the fight scenes anyway...-The romance was fabulous, but the scenes were again, more for someone with ADD. Do we have to make EVERYTHING for those with ADD?? :) It isn't bad enough that music videos are forever lost to those who can't follow a 3 minute story??? :) I loved every romantic scene, and could have EASILY, even after hours of build up watching the other two movies prior, "scene" more!!
-Victoria was HORRIBLE! With all the money this franchise must have, they couldn't come up with a better wig?? Really? She SHOULD have looked as close to Rachelle "what's her name" as possible!
She (1st Victoria) screwed up, really. But for the stories sake, 2nd Victoria should have been more of a look alike. Bryce was too "soft" looking. They should have found a way to work it out with Rachelle... it was too distracting, her wig and looks.
-Speaking of hair. Jasper's hair was different. Why? And Alice's hair too (though much like it was in New Moon). I STILL miss the way they did her hair in the first movie. It was SO her personality! Rosalie's hair was different this time, and SO much better! That was my biggest complaint from the first two movies. Rosalie did NOT match the books description. The changes to it in this movie made her appear more "stunning" and less "fake" than the last two movies. But the hair changes were a bit odd as far as flow is concern.
-The wolf pack add-ons (Leah and Seth) were SPOT ON!


-The kiss... (Wolfman and girl) Uhm, stunning! I'm Team Edward ALL THE WAY, but there is no not appreciating the scene... hate to admit. Though I was waiting for the "flash" of the scene written about in the book-of them together... and it didn't happen.

-The scenery was SPOT ON and STUNNING. (Where the tent scene was-almost EXACTLY as my mind read/saw it!) The only thing is, I wish they would have used the same open field as the baseball scene from the first book... WHY is it that they couldn't use the same field (wasn't it in the books that way??) Really? I don't get that. And on that note...
-WHY couldn't they have used the same house as in Twilight? I remember reading someplace it was because of it not being right for production or something. ??? But it is annoying to me that they change the orientation of Bella's room, and windows, and location to the front, and the amount of trees, and how close to the house, and garage or no garage... Weird. I'm just stayin'.
-The tent scene... ahhhhh the tent scene. It was very good. Even if not all it was read to be. Edward's anguish was not as intense because of the scene being somewhat rushed, but honestly, as good as the romance was, it was obvious it was shot by a director that was more into the action than the romance. They did it justice, but again, it could have been given a few more minutes of tortured anguish in my humble opinion. Again, most of the romance was good but a bit rushed. (Like the scene in bed below-more please. Does that sound naughty?)
-I really missed the scene from the book where Edward was waiting on the road and come up behind her right when she came over the treaty lines. That was Eclipse, right? I missed the pent up anguish he endured when she was back and forth from being with Jacob. Though the scene where she punches Jacob and Edward is P.O'd suited me. :)
-I also miss the line where he says he may be immortal but he is a man too... (referring to her thinking maybe he doesn't "want" her.) The way he said it was so sweet but honest in the book. I was hoping to hear it in the movie.

-The bits of well placed humor was wonderful! Way to go! Speaking of the tent scene... there was one line that it will be hard NOT to giggle at! Too funny! (I'm not spoiling it. :) )

-The ending. It reminds me of the LONG wait to movie 4 & 5. (Because the last I heard they are doing the last book in two movies.) I REALLY hope they do what they did for Harry Potter. They shoot it at once, then separate them only by 4-6 months. THAT would be good planning.

I give it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars... IF you have read the books. I DO think they did a good job of keep in things that you would think they might not have time for-like the side stories (Rosalie, Jasper, and the Native American's council fire meeting.) I think it did the series justice. There are things I would chance each movie (cuz I too am opinionated.) But over all, I think they did a good job continuing the story... but the next director-DON'T rush the love! :) PLEASE!

PS-Bella's wig was FINE! I didn't even remember it was a wig until the end. NOTHING like the red nightmare that Victoria donned! :)

Hope you enjoyed my review!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So today is the day!
I have had my tickets for WEEKS!
I am going to sit in the theater and re-watch Twilight and New Moon
as to have it all build up to end this long wait for "Eclipse"!
It kinda snuck up on me, the release!
With baseball 4 nights a week, and the Favorite Things crop last weekend...
I didn't even get a chance to reread the book as planned!

But today is the day!

I even did a layout about Edward a couple of months back!

OH, and to those that tell themselves "I'd never watch that silly movie or read those books about vampires." Yeah. I said that too.

Then I watched Twilight on showtime, HAD to read the books cuz the romance was SO wonderful, and then I proceeded to read all FOUR books (600+ pages each) in a weeks time...

...which lead to this countdown to Eclipse! (after going to see New Moon 3 times, was it, at the Nova while it was still out!?!)

Never say never.

Hey... there are worst things than vampires when they actually believe in God, save themselves for marriage, and their love is SO deep!

Just sayin'. :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

"Mist-ified" by Imaginisce "Splash Dance"!

Go check out my FIRST Imaginisce Blog post!!
I demonstrated some Spray Ink/Mist techniques used in these layouts:
To see read all about the details, visit their blog!
I got to use my I-Rock tool! YAY!
I wasn't sure what I would think about it-but now... LOVE!!

OK, it is going to be a CRAZY weekend!
It's the Favorite Things Crop (Scrapaganza)!!
SO excited!
I will be doing an Imaginisce Make & Take using the I-Top!!
I will also be doing a lot of this:

And then be needing a lot of THIS:
Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From my Paper Trunk!

So I got started on my Paper Trunk!
Which collection to start with... they are all so yummy!

I HAD to start with the Krafty Collection!
LOVE Kraft! (almost as much as my friend Megan Klauer! :) )I did a little ditty about my creating this layout on the Paper Trunk blog! (6/23)
Go take a look!
I love doing layouts with/about my husband!
Love ya honey! :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sometimes you get lucky...

Here are a few pictures I took of my daughter...
How could there be no God? This beautiful creature was born with a cleft lip and palate halfway around the world from here, and yet here she is, full of it, but beautiful and happy... I am not buying "chance".

And this little cutie I caught smiling at ~10 days old...
And is there anything better than wrinkly baby parts?
Why do they have to grow up so fast??

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Greatest Gift (Adoption)

I created RANDOMLY the other day... OK, so I DID know there was an adoption call for Scrapbook Trends, but what I wasn't assigned, was what papers, embellishment, etc. I was to use!
I used the "packed by" postcard in my Studio Calico kit for the butterfly and grid paper that I used in the upper corner.

The background was the result of demonstrating glimmer mist... the mask was a little scrap of border punch! I liked the results of the demo, saved it, and saw it laying there when I went to create this layout.

It is pretty simple, but sweet-which is the feeling I was going for!

Don't forget to go check out "The Story Matters" challenge this week! (A Day in the Life!)

Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Story Matters Blog Hoppity Hop!!

What a FANTASTIC new kit!

"A Bend in the Road"
And what a even MORE fantastic Guest Designer, Lisa Truesdell!

Talk about talent!

We are honored to have her creating with our kit!

Thank you Lisa!

Watch the blog for an article about one of her layouts-food for thought!

OK-on to the blog hop!

Let's have some fun... and let's be honest, it's all about a little bit of fun, AND a chance at some FREE STUFF!

JUST OUT! We R Memory Keepers "Show & Tell"!
(this cute lil due is from this collection!)
OK, you SHOULD have been hitting some other blogs before mine, cuz if you stay in order, you don't have to unscramble the clues! :)

SO visit each blog (see list below), and then give us the results of your "hop" to and you are entered to win the prize package! Easy Peasy!

(Don't forget to comment on TSM blog too!)

Here are my creations so far (more to come with this months challenges!)
I'm still in love with these handmade flowers... another variation of the spiral flower!
Used some ink on this one.

Hard to see my punks running up the hill in this picture. That was the point of this journaling. Slow down! :) OK, go hoppity hop! And do it in order, or your quote might not make sense! :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Paper Trunk Winner!

Jenn K!! (Email your address so I can get it to Carrie!)

Was that FUN or WHAT??

And we made out 100 comments to give away the ipod!
And guess WHAT! I KNOW the winner! Saw her last night even at the store meeting! LOL!
Our own Cricut expert Michele Donner-Ramsey! FUN!

Can I just say I am a little bit jealous???

This month the new designers at The Paper Trunk will be featuring their work with ALL their available lines! So be sure to tune in! LOTS of inspiration to come!

Can I just say, at first glance, I am in LOVE with their letter stickers?!? Two sheets of these babies! And in LOTS of colors! But then everyone knows I have letter sticker issues! LOL!
And the new line... OH MY GOSH I love it!!
I'll be back! I have a couple Imaginisce creations to share!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

QUICK! Get to the Paper Trunk Blog!!

Post by TONIGHT (if they get 100 comments!) and you could win an ipod shuffle!!
And there is the whole line together!
AND there's matching FLAIR...
AND chipboard embellishment!!
I am SO excited to get creating with this new line...

So GO, enter to WIN! that Shuffle!! :)

Imaginisce the Steal of the Day!

Go check it out on "Scrapbook Steals"!
Now THAT is a good deal!
And having flowers in the stash, always a great idea!!