Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So today is the day!
I have had my tickets for WEEKS!
I am going to sit in the theater and re-watch Twilight and New Moon
as to have it all build up to end this long wait for "Eclipse"!
It kinda snuck up on me, the release!
With baseball 4 nights a week, and the Favorite Things crop last weekend...
I didn't even get a chance to reread the book as planned!

But today is the day!

I even did a layout about Edward a couple of months back!

OH, and to those that tell themselves "I'd never watch that silly movie or read those books about vampires." Yeah. I said that too.

Then I watched Twilight on showtime, HAD to read the books cuz the romance was SO wonderful, and then I proceeded to read all FOUR books (600+ pages each) in a weeks time...

...which lead to this countdown to Eclipse! (after going to see New Moon 3 times, was it, at the Nova while it was still out!?!)

Never say never.

Hey... there are worst things than vampires when they actually believe in God, save themselves for marriage, and their love is SO deep!

Just sayin'. :)


laterg8r said...

i love the no fear sign on your edward LO :D

i'm not a twihard but one of my besties is so i'm going to see it with her (like the last two) :D

Candi Ladwig said...

I love your layout... I got all warm and fuzzy just looking at it :) Oh Edward!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!