Monday, March 22, 2010

For a Friend!!!

May of you know Candi from Scrapaganza. She has been very missed at the store...
I have been fortunate enough to continue to call her friend... She is my creative buddy that is always up for some creative adventure, or to vent about the scrapbooking world!
Obviously her world, and all of us that know and love her, has been rocked by the illness she is battling with her daughter. Just finding out WHAT was wrong has been a trial!
Reese is the cutiest and sweetest thing! She is something special indeed!
Her daughter needs our prayers.
And beyond that Kim has come up with a creative way for creative people to "do" something!
Keep your prayers coming!
Every one is needed!!
(Visit Candi's blog or her facebook page for updates)
Now go create! (Read below)It's good therapy!

(click below to see larger)

Here is their address at the hospital, if you want to send cards of encouragement and support :

Mayo Clinic

St. Mary’s Hospital


1216 Second Street SW

Rochester, MN 55902

Attn: Reese Ladwig


I didn't want this to appear ABOVE Operations Cheerful Heart, so posting below here...

Jerry's Surprise 40th Birthday "Party" (I told a bunch of his friends and family to show at a bar where a friends band was playing, basically)
Here is the video coverage. Too funny... me in a bar... VERY funny!
Third Rail is quite the fun 80's rock cover band though!


Alicia said...

Ok, his friend did a great job! And it's on YouTUbe!!!! Oh no!!!! Looks like a lot of fun.

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