Tuesday, September 15, 2009

AdornIt/Carolee's Creations: Busy Women Kit!!!

I got to be the Guest Designer for Adornit Busy Women Kit!!
What fun papers and die cut sticker to work with!!

Follow and WIN!
If you are a follower, you will already be entered! YAY!
If you are new here, become a follower, and you are entered in a drawing to win each sheet (paper and die cut stickers) of
THIS MONTHS Busy Woman's Kit!!
(Pictured is ACTUAL prize!)
Want to be entered twice?
Just leave a comment!

On the 30th I will use the Random Number Generator to pick a winner!!

Come check me out on their blog! :)

Here are three layouts I made with this fun and fabulous kit!!
I have more items left, and hope to get a forth layout finished SOON!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Long lost Candi photos...

...editing takes awhile.
Not THIS long (procrastinator!)-but it was a matter of sitting down for 3 hours and getting it done!
I lost half of the school day here today, but I think the rest came out nicely!

Hope you like them Candi (and Carmel!) :)

These wouldn't post to the slide vertically, so they have to be posted on their own. That's OK they are some of my fav's!

Let me know what ya think! I have been playing with some different editing...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why We Love Camping (?) :)

Is it Wedensday? NO! It's Thursday!
Anyone STILL messed up??

We went camping last weekend.
I have to admit-it has been over a year and a half.
It's fun, but there are a few factors that have to work out.
I have to ask off of work. (I work a day most weekends.)
It can't be beastly hot (I don't do hot camping).
And honestly, school has to be out OR there has to be a long weekend for me to feel like it is worth the effort.

So on the holiday weekend, we went camping.
The running joke.
Why is going to a little patch of land with a bunch of strangers (except my in-laws. They aren't strangers, just strange. LOL!) sleeping in a tent and getting really dirty fun?
It just is!

The kids had a blast!

So HERE is why camping is fun. :) Smith Style.
(By the way, we ALWAYS get a spot with electric-so we can plug in our fan, and heater, and charge our video games... you get the idea. :) )


New Friends:
Old Friends:
Hangin' out:Fun Games:
Good Eats:
AND while we were gone camping, lil' man lost his FIRST tooth!!
And though they were just a MESS, I got them to stand together for a fun shot! :)
We were on an adventure... see the map in Gabriel's hands? He was leading the way. :)
The first night, Gavin could not sleep!
He had horrid allergy reaction. He has allergies, but he never needed medication before.
We left the campsite at 4:30am, went to Walmart (this is when I realize I am wearing PJ pants... oh well. All the cool kids are doin' it!)
And then we went home to sleep for a couple hours before heading back. (They lock ya out of the campground once you leave via gate-we also didn't want to wake everyone else up at 5:30am coming back.)
On the way back to the house, there was this BEAUTIFUL sunrise!

I thought this picture would be fun to show different affects.
I like to use Picnik.com
While trying to master photoshop is great, 99% of the time, this fits my needs.

So here is the original. I adjusted the exposure just a TAD:
You can fade out an effect, so this is Orton-ish faded some to get some detail back in the foilage on the left:
Lomo-ish (more dramatic):
Vibrance: (pops the color without affecting the contrast as much)Vintage (1960's):
And a layout!
Loved that NYOBC at Scrapaganza how has kits with very current papers!
My challenge, use the Halloween paper line (My Mind's Eye) to make a non-Halloween page.
So this is what I did with 1/2 of the kit that I took (Kim has the other half!). :)
Instead of sewing, I just punched the holes...
Speaking of punches. :) I used a giant flower punch (which isn't that giant) a large flower punch, and the butterfly punch.
The ledger is actually a budget tablet/book. It is somewhat vintage. Maybe 20 years?
The buttons and things were LaDeDa by KI memories... I think I got them from a Studio Calico kit.
I traced the die cut shape from these Clear Scraps Die Cut acrylic (XL Deco) that I bought just to trace my own die cut shapes! I have used them several times as templates already!
It was a fun and easy LO to create!

I got some stamping layouts to show soon too!!
FINALLY getting done with some Suasen Designs product!
They are SO yummy-I am sorry I didn't get it done before!
I NEED deadlines!!!!

Be Blessed !!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pink Sketches...

A Pink Layout! :)

These flowers (inspired by the paper) were SO easy!!
And I HAD to jump on the "butterfly punch on the background paper" trend! :)

Sometimes ya just got to keep it simple!! :)
Back to camping!
Froze my tushie off last night, had to leave at 4:45 am cuz my son couldn't sleep due to allergies... (Didn't ahve any med.s with me, darn it)
Went to Wal-mart at 5am in my pj pants.
Yep. We're havin' a GREAT time! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009