Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pink Sketches...

A Pink Layout! :)

These flowers (inspired by the paper) were SO easy!!
And I HAD to jump on the "butterfly punch on the background paper" trend! :)

Sometimes ya just got to keep it simple!! :)
Back to camping!
Froze my tushie off last night, had to leave at 4:45 am cuz my son couldn't sleep due to allergies... (Didn't ahve any med.s with me, darn it)
Went to Wal-mart at 5am in my pj pants.
Yep. We're havin' a GREAT time! :)


Candi Ladwig said...

i love the butterfly in the background!! cute! this pic is so cute, too... you can totally see her personality coming through!

Tina said...

love, love the felt flowers ..and you went camping?? I need to see pics to believe that one :)