Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some CREATING already!

The kids have been home for two days now.
I can't say that is HELPING the creating!
I CAN say that getting it posted has been hindered by Christmas programs, bad weather, electric going out, etc. etc... :)

Got some creating done with my Imaginisce Polar Expression!!
WHICH by the way, is today's "Scrapbook Steal"!
64%-50% off is nothing to sneeze at!!
(Click on picture!)
Here is what I did with mine!

Yes, there is a hole in this layout. LOL! :)

Yes, I tried "simple"... :)
OK, I have GOT to get a better picture of this!! Maybe I was so shook up by the fact that I did a two page layout! LOL!
I just LOVE the dots of the printed paper! I used it as embellishment above, and to enhance the dotted paper below. They fit nicely in one of my circle punches.

This tree was an idea from our "Christmas Tree Idea Board" at Scrapaganza!
Easy to do-there are several more tree ideas-so stop by and take a look!

You would think a project was required of me, which it wasn't, but I thought the felt embellishmets were a PERFECT fit for a bookmarker... what a simple fun gift!
And this is my layout for this months club at Scrapaganza!
Graphic 45 Domestic Goddess, and I used my I-Top punches and a I-Top Brad for my flower!
ALSO, nothing was attached with glue except the flower-one glue dot... the rest is attached with Tim Holtz's Tiny Attacher! It kinda just happened... I kinda like it! I allowed the paper to bend and lift where it wanted to.
It's not a great picture (on the layout)... but that isn't always the point, is it? :)
This last week:
Another visit with Santa (Gavin said "I've told him, we're good." Alrighty then.)
Chatty Cathey... seriously. :)
This is where I decided Gabriel needed a haircut...
The Christmas Program...
There WAS lots of singing!
Ok, this one is SCREAMING for caption! :)
And there was quite a bit of this too (yawning...) Not sure what Grant's doing. :) Probably hiding his yawn. It was kinda long...
Gavin has a duet at a songs opening...
See this great picture I got...
Without cropping I got lots of this...

OK, that is a little bit of a fib... I did take that one cuz they were cute, the little heads with their momma...

But RISERS people! I want to see my kid sing better than the play! I'm selfish that way!!

This is usually what happens when I try to get my kids to pose with someone in a picture together. One of them falls apart. {sigh}
I'll let this one slide... Actually it came out pretty OK! :)
Had to add this one! We just love our Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Claussen! :)
And the Iowa State fans in the crowd? (That's "Ww" is for "war"... :) )
We are on day two of snow days because of this...
The kids had a BLAST yesterday.
I think Gavin was out for about 6 hours yesterday!!
Those igloo brick makers are the BEST!!
See the wall there? That's me trying to take pictures from the deck, without putting on all the gear. 'member being out 'til your buggers froze? :)
Gabe was inside when I ventered out for the 3 minutes to get these pictures!!

Today it is actually too cold for them... (scratch that-Gavin just got geared up.)
So we'll do more of this:
I ventured to the "junk store" with my friend Megan on Monday.
These pictures are for Alisa! ;)
Check out that super cool macaroni looking button! And the JAR!! :) While the electricity was off, I got this finished...Trying something different with the red lights. Going back to clear next year.
All red is weird. :)

And to finish... this is what was laying next to me as I blogged. Good dog.
Be blessed-and stay warm!!


Mindy said...

I love your 2 pager! I love them all but the 2 pager is my fav! Cute kids, cute photos, busy time!

Natalie said...

Love the layouts! Great photos, thanks for sharing your fun times with the kids, although a little too cold for this northern California girl :-)

Candi Ladwig said...

you did get crafty!! :) Fun to see you creating with your Imaginisce!! {i almost got the steal of the day, but talked myself out of it} I LOVE the little ribbon christmas tree!!!

Marion said...

loved the DT work. To me, the best photo was the one where Cora was talking to Santa--the look on Mrs. Santa's face is priceless! Wonder what Cora had just shared!!! Brings back memories of how busy it is with kids at Christmas.

Ashleigh Dillin said...

ok, so much to comment about and i cant remember all i want to say, hehe...

LOVE the cute little tree on the scrapbook page, so cute!

Love the Hh is for vinyl, its the teacher in me :)

And it was good seeing you at the junk store :)

Alisa said...

I want buttons! So very cool

meganklauer said...

Awesome! Awesome! Hope you guys had a fantastic Christmas!