Monday, June 8, 2009

Lake Geneva-in Photos! :)

In a nutshell.... :)

Chalk drawings, Downtown (no pictures of that trip???), beach, food (better wear your helmet while you eat around here!), Chocolate Fest (Rides, cowboys, pudding...), beach , love, wine (EEK!), Renaissance Fair, boat races, parks, baby ducks, parade, flags, beach, bike trails, FUN!!!

(SORRY, it's a LONG one!)

And NO editing! I have NO time for that!! :)


meganklauer said...

Looks like so...much fun! Can't wait to see all the scrappiness that comes from your trip! What a great place to take the fam!

Mindy said...

Looks like so much fun! My kids want to go to a "beach" so bad. Maybe this is a good close "beach"?!

Apryl said...

Where have I been, too? Thinking of you (did some pages for the new kiddos while we were on vacation). How are YOU?! Ella has epilepsy, but you probably knew that and just forgot. Moving because Seth took a new job and I've been a single mom M-F for a few months now. Our house sold and We. Are. Leaving. Though we don't have a new one purchased. it's harder this time around :)

Anyway, wish you were closer--i'd love to scrap, get you to take pics of my kids, and watch this horrid documentary on romanian street children that I've been putting off--since you'd understand it just like I do.

I hope you are doing so well! Love the pictures of the kids--

sausan said...

Fab pics! Looks like you had fun and what a wonderful place!!

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