Friday, October 17, 2008

What a great week!!

I think I am STARTING to get back into a routine!

For those of you that have asked... here is my basement palace! :)
My scrap area... and chairs that make up the "living roon" area (I am SO stretching that description! :) Turn around and if you are sitting in that chair shown above, the TV and computer table. :)
Notice what is on TV. :) The room beyond is the "walk in closet"... :) We are living amungst our stuff and his parents storage. :)The "master bedroom"... that is actually a futon, the bed. I didn't have to sleep on a futon in college! :)
We'll call it "cozy". :) There are shelves not covered by a sheet to the left-and the TV (9") that was in my scrap space the last house, is there so I can hang out in bed and watch the tube. :)
Hey-I have a cheap roof over my head. Nuff said. :)

8/23 happy years!! Married 8, best friends for 23. :)

Jerry and I have a long history... I met him when I was 16. We dated about 5 years... we were best friends... he was in my first wedding (see, long story), and then I came back to him. Thick and thin.
I wasn't saved back then... the first marriage, etc. etc... I'm not proud, but it is part of my story.
And I made it out the other side with three great kids and a wonderfully supportive husband. I am not complaining. We are still best friends. I love him so!Happy Anniversary to us!!

Before I babble about the house again... a couple of layouts! I am getting my groove back, I think. :)

Alicia... what a great friend! I am truly blessed!
I have 4 "best" friends that are such a big part of my life! The kind of friends that will be there the long haul, I just know it.
I have known Kelly for 34 years maybe? Anne for 10, Megan for over 6, Alica just after that.
I am just the luckiest ever!
I have lots of other great friends, don't get me wrong... but these girls... they help me MOVE! They would be there for me if I was in the hospital, and I them. I would drop everything for any of them and run to their sides...
I have lots of true friends.
Praise God for my blessings!
(OK, I just noticed the cute little striped book plate feel off of from around "Alicia"! {sigh})
Journaling says "My friend in faith, we pray together, I value her strength."
I am guessing my saying I value her strength wouldn't be the first thing she would think I would journal about... but Alicia, your stronger than you think!!

And this one... I took pictures of these in the evening, on my scrap table, so they are not coming out the best...I did this for "The Story Matters" and for Scrapaganza's blog challenge "Using larger pictures". I use 5x7's all the time! I love to use larger pictures. I should have probably pushed myself to do a 8x10... and still plan to.
All the layouts for this challenge will be up on the Scrapaganza Blog soon, so go check them out!!
And there are still crop seats left for tonight ladies!

I might stop by after the Heritage Fundraiser! Dr. Jackson is talking about Evolution vs. Creation, and what is being taught at our schools. He has an INCREDIBLE science background, and they say no question is too hard for him!
If you are reading this on Friday Oct. 17th, come to Jumer's tonight for the dessert banquet and to hear Dr. Jackson speak!! Tickets available at the door! Look for me at the "Iowa Precision Forge" table! (Thanks Dad!!)

OK, about the house. :)
I am amazed each morning when I stop by how much they can get done in a few hours!
The walls on the second floor were going up at the beginning of the week...

It was exciting to have stairs up the the second floor!The kids rooms before there was a front wall!
Moving right along...
Yesterday I went there at 9am, and 1/2 of the trusses were up on the roof! AND the showers and bath surrounds where in (in the bathrooms anyway) too!!! We opted for a 5 ft. walk in shower in our bath, and the tub shower combo in the kids... this girl is not bathing comfortably in a 5ft. tub, so why have to step in each time I shower? We had a walk in shower in our last house. I liked it. More room...

(From the back)
It's really looking like a house now!So I came by after school, and there were some roof boards up too!
The builder says the siding going up next week! And the plumber and electrician will be in the house next week too... and I think the windows go up by Monday! WOW!

And to finish...

Happiness is...
Having brothers that are willing to do your nails!
Be Blessed!!


Tina said...

OMG look how far your house is coming...and is that guy wearing daisy duke cut off

Ashleigh Dillin said...

Oh Cora! To cute...And Happy Anniversary, AND the house looks AWESOME....You, Candi, Megan and I need to have a scrapaganza house tour...haha!

Candi Ladwig said...

Glad you are getting settled! (but doesn't look like it will be for too long!) I'm beginning to wonder if they will finish your house before my basement and sunroon!! :)

Sophia said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! It's the journey that matters really, more so when you realize that Christ is walking with you on your life journey.

Great LOs! Glad to know that things are getting more settled for you by the day!